Redondo Beach Brewing Company


Ok, here is a place that has been consistently good for 20+ years. The food is always fresh and delicious with a great assortment of craft beers. Although they pretty much have had the same menu for 20 years, I don’t think I have had everything on it. I hear all the time how dishes I have never tried are a regular’s favorite, and this place has a lot a regulars! I give credit to the staff. They’re great!

I started going to the Brew Co when my little brother started working there. I went mostly for the brewed beer. Back then, they brewed their own beer. The brewmaster brewed their signature beers; Blueberry Wheat, Rat Beach Red, Blonde, and seasonal beers too. I use to love the Peach and Watermelon beers they brewed in spring and summer time.

I have way too many favorites; the Garlic Pizza Bread is the BOMB! Garlic, cheesy, on a great hand tossed sweet crust. The burgers here are probably a favorite of many. Big and juicy with a variety of toppings. They even have a Portabello Mushroom Burger that is absolutely amazing!

This place is always busy for the games. Many flat screen TV’s to view. Not the best place for large parties, much of the restaurant is narrow and open seating for little privacy. They do have a kids menu, but not the most kid friendly place.

They have recently expanded their beer selection to over 70 tap handles. Mostly craft beers from around the world. Sad to see the micro brew pubs changing, but the competition is, so must they.

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