Jimmy’s Bar and Grill

On the corner of 190th Street and Inglewood Blvd., the neck  of North Redondo Beach meets Torrance, CA sits Jimmy’s Bar and Grill. A sports bar for everyone. This great place is owned by Mike and Susie Walsh as well as Chef Marc Dix. The trio make a great team. You’ll see either one of them flying through the restaurant or bar at any given moment. Everyone seems to think Mike is Jimmy when saying hello. It’s funny cause its true…there is no Jimmy. It was just a name that everyone seems to have as a friend, Jimmy.

Despite the false pretense, Jimmy’s serves up some great food and better beer. The bar manager Kevin Knight, makes sure to keep a good rotation of popular local favorites. The bar likes to work with many of the local breweries including Strand, Firestone Walker, Scholb and Coedo. There seems to be a trend of brewing companies popping up all over Los Angeles, including Gastro Pubs. Trendy craft brew restaurants that serve food to compliment the beer. High end food to compliment the high end hand crafted beer.

This happens to be one of Jimmy’s chefs’ approach to his monthly beer dinner. On the second Wednesday of every month, Chef Marc hosts a craftily prepared dinner paired with a sponsored brewery of the month. A representative of the brewing company will come out and educate the guests on the 5 different beers being sampled. The meal always starts with the beer. Then Chef Marc introduces the foods that were paired with the beer and why he choose those foods and flavors. This gives Jimmy’s customers a chance to sample new beers they may want to tap, in addition, gives Chef Marc a panel for his upcoming menu change.

The menu consists of many regular items that you may see at many restaurants. They do serve hamburgers, but they are really good. Hand patties. They have a build your own burger that you can really go crazy with. Their sandwiches are also pretty standard, but well made, a fantastic corned beef and a awesome french dip. They do have some unique dishes, a Quinoa and Kale salad is among one of the favorites and the Filet Poutine, Braised filet mignon tips with melted mozzarella cheese curds served on french fries, topped with rich beef gravy. Mike calls it “heaven on a plate.”

So next time you are on your way to or from North Redondo Beach, make sure to stop by Jimmy’s and give them a try. Make sure to say hi to Jimmy for me!

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