HopSaint, Redondo Beach, CA

This place was a surprise. Located in a old abandoned parking lot in north east Redondo Beach, California, stands HopSaint Brewery. What was previously an eye soar, now looks great from the outside and even better on the inside.

I thought this place would be a great spot for a restaurant since its on a main road to the beach cities. This place actually was previously a diner before, but has been out of business for many years.

Inside, beautiful bench seating and open family like tables lined the center of the restaurant. The bar was artfully decorated as a Gastro pub should be, without being overly done.

Owner Steve Roberts clearly shows it doesn’t matter where you put a good restaurant. And of course, one thing that makes a good restaurant is great food. HopSaint definitely has a great menu. They serve a variety of sandwiches, salads, meats, and great hand crafted beer.

HopSaint is one of the few local breweries and restaurant’s coming to town. Many of the breweries that have popped up here in the South Bay don’t serve food. They have tasting rooms, but don’t have a kitchen. Many are in backstreet warehouses with kegerators and a stand alone bar.

Since HopSaint does brew their own beer, patrons have the opportunity to enjoy a hand crafted beer with a great meal, or take some home.

They have not begun local distribution yet, but you can take a growler home or two. Looking forward to seeing them in more restaurants and bars in the future.

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