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Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ serves new Brunch menu

This weekend, Silvio’s Brazilian BBQ is kicking off their new Brunch menu. To get off to a great start, customers can get a free mimosa with purchase of a brunch menu item. For a limited time.

Rajun Cajun in Redondo Beach 200 200 tonyabbott88

Rajun Cajun in Redondo Beach


So I recently visited the new Rajun Cajun restaurant and bar, formally in Hermosa Beach, now here in Redondo Beach on PCH. I was driving by and saw their sign, at the bottom it said “Moonshine Bar”. This certainly got my attention and enticed me to stop in.

The restaurant is decorated well. I really got the feeling of a New Orleans creole bar. Since it was the moonshine bar that caught my attention, I bellied up. The bartender Anthony was very friendly and helpful. He suggested drinks to start and politely asked me if I was eating (it was 3 p.m. in the afternoon). The bar was decorated nicely and was clean. No funky rot smell here.

I was fortunate enough to be their when the owner Steve Hodges was in. We spoke briefly about the restaurant and I mentioned it was the moonshine bar that brought me in. He kindly offered me a taste of some of the top shelf moonshine he offers. It was FANTASTIC!

I could clearly see that staff was enjoying their work. I saw many regulars coming in and out of the restaurant being greeted by name. Although the restaurant wasn’t packed at 3 in the afternoon, it was still pretty busy. Steve seemed to have great control over the operations of the restaurant.

I ended up having a pretty good time watching the action in the restaurant. I ended up getting hungry while having a beer and ordered a Po Boy Shrimp Sandwich. It was very tasty. Not very ubundful with shrimp, but still very tasty. The potato salad was AWESOME! Simple, yet creamy with egg and chunks of potato. The bread of the sandwich was very good as well. Soft roll. I actually liked everything so much I ordered a To-Go order for the wife to try. We were also able to try the Jambalaya which was very good as well.

Overall, I will go back. I would like to try some of their signature dishes. The restaurant is close to my residence, so easy to stop over and have a beer and shot of moonshine. Keep up the good work Steve and team at Rajun Cajun. Hope to see you grow.

Rajun Cajun, 525 S. PCH, Redondo Beach, CA