The New Hollywood Riviera Village.

The New Hollywood Riviera Village.

The New Hollywood Riviera Village. 150 150 tonyabbott88

Well, the South Bay is working hard towards recovery from COVID-19. Lots of good times missed. Ruby’s Weekly Friday Night Car Show has been postponed, along with Lobster Festival and BeachLife Summer Concert that benchmarked South Bay music festivals. We are now moving forward with outdoor dinning and creative food ordering systems in place.

It’s been great for the community to all pull together to build these barriers for enclosed patio dining. it’s been very difficult for many of the restaurant owners to continue to just survive off take out and delivery services. Many of the third-party delivery services like GrubHub and DoorDash have been taking much of the revenue from restaurants not having the insurance for delivery drivers. Many have been getting creative with Take Out orders. The Hook and Plow has put together Family of Four Dinners to include an appetizer, freshly prepared meals, and dessert.

Patio Seating Created for outdoor dining in Redondo Beach, California

Many restaurant owners like Paul Hennessy tried this idea a year prior. He was grated a test patio, but was later turned down to keep the outdoor patio. Now with COVID-19, he has gotten his wish with ALL his restaurants in the Village. Worked out great for Greg Newman’s Sharkees in Hermosa Beach as well. They finally got their roof patio! It only took a Pandemic to grant them the license they have been fighting for years to get.

Sharkeez Hermosa Beach, California

Although it’s been challenging for restaurants to survive, most are relying on outdoor dining for a fraction of the sales. Some have received stimulus packages, but they vary and are still being processed. The community has seem to embraced this new form of eating out, as it’s probably better than staying home. With the limited seating availability, some places even look busier with the wait outside!

We are all waiting patiently while things slowly get back to normal. The South Bay community is strong, resilient, and innovative to help businesses stay in business for all of us! God Bless.


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